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Hallmark's Diane Sargent Talks About Her Second Act

Interview with Diane Sargent:

What Industry Professionals Are Saying About Diane:

“Diane is one of the most talented people I've worked with.  If it's one thing I've realized over the years is that some people just simply have what it takes..."


- Nancy Yalley, Production Coordinator and Casting Director for five production companies.


"Diane was a joy to work with and stole the show. She was professional in stressful conditions with an enormous workload. Her performance - in our online series - generated more comments than anyone else. She made the series.”

- Phelim McAleer, Independent Filmmaker (Movie raised more money than any other movie project in Indiegogo history)


“Diane Sargent is an incredibly talented and versatile actor who genuinely understands the needs of a character. Originally cast with a smaller role, her performance in our film CUT! was expanded based upon the level of authenticity and on-screen captivation she brought to her performance. Diane epitomizes professionalism, on-screen generosity and directability, making her a tremendous overall asset. At the completion of the film, Diane was extremely active with promotion through an abundant array of social media outlets, which is invaluable to any independent production. I sincerely look forward to working with her again.”

- David Rountree, Director (Named by Hollywood Reporter as Top 10 Hollywood Director Under 40)


"Diane's charisma, heart and fiery personality make her a joy to work with. She not only puts one hundred percent of her heart and soul into her work, but also those around her. She is a true professional who brings out the best in everyone. I have no doubt that Diane will quickly make a name for herself as a highly sought after screen talent!"

- Wendy Haines, Producer and Warner Loughlin Studios, Master Teacher

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