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Diane Sargent is an actor, author, improviser, storyteller, traveler, adrenaline junkie & lover of most things furry. 

She has created and starred in several popular web series including Overheard in LAJust Deserts and Doggy Day Care. Diane has appeared in many films and television shows (See IMDB), most recently as a killer in the television series, Unusual Suspects and co-starring in the film, Maul Dogs along with Eric Roberts.


Diane regularly performs with her improv troupe and is the author of the children's book, Mommy Says You Are What You Eat. Diane lives with her husband, two children and a menagerie of animals.

Fun Facts:

  • Diane was born in South Africa where she spent her childhood exploring the African Bushveld on her family's small goldmine in the Transvaal. She describes herself as a "tomboy" that preferred shooting a bow and arrow over playing with dolls.

  • While Diane speaks like a "real" American, she speaks with an awesome South African accent on demand (and after a beer or cocktail).

  • When she was ten years old, Diane, along with her parents and sisters, left South Africa on a 43 foot sailboat that they had built themselves. They sailed for two years, crossing the Atlantic, island hopping in the Caribbean and then making their way through the Panama Canal, up the coast of Mexico to San Diego, California.

  • Once they had settled down in San Diego, Diane's family founded an ostrich ranch located near the San Diego Wild Animal Park where Diane used to entertain tourists as an ostrich jockey.  The ostrich ranch is still in operation.

  • Diane is a physician of Chinese medicine and a licensed acupuncturist.

  • Diane loves long distance paddle boarding, scuba diving, traveling and has been known to disappear for days when reading a good book.

  • Diane is 5' 2"

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